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9 Powerful Probiotics In One Simple Sachet

With 9 strains of clinically-proven probiotics, ActivHealth Multibiotics delivers a premium blend of quality, quantity and diversity to your guts.


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Efalex Improves Social Responses

A recent clinical study confirms that Efalex can safely and effectively reduce autism symptoms and improves social responses


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Education on Activkids Probiotics & Prebiotics

A short and interesting video clip, explains how prebiotics and probiotics play an important role in your kids’ overall health! Check this out!


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Good to know

12 months: Eye contact

Does your child make regular and consistent eye contact with you and other family members across different settings (e.g. to share his/her attention with you, to ask for things, and to ‘check in’)?

Video sourced from @ ASDetect. For more information, you can visit here
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