Creating Earth-friendly Supplements with Love, From Our Family to Yours

“Since my husband Musharaf and I started Herbaland from our kitchen table in 2009, Herbaland has grown to become the largest gummy vitamin manufacturer in Canada. From a team of two to over 200, we now export our products to almost 40 different countries across the world. Our goal of creating natural supplements for our family has grown with our company, and now we strive to provide tasty, earth-friendly nutrition to families all across the world.”

– Aisha Yang, Co-Founder and Director

Why Herbaland?

Compostable Packaging

In April 2022, we began switching our gummies from plastic bottles to compostable packaging! Our new packaging is made from natural and sustainably sourced ingredients including cassava, sugar cane, and cornstarch. Since the launch of our new packaging, we have diverted over 10 tons of plastic bottles from landfills!


What’s the secret to making delicious and healthy gummies, you ask? Well, it’s really about the quality of our ingredients! We’ve spent many hours testing, tasting, and dedicating our time to finding the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients in the world. Whenever possible, we opt for fair trade and organically farmed ingredients, providing all gummy lovers with the very best!

Our gummies are made with love daily, and we are proud of the products we create. All of our gummies are vegan, low-sugar, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free, palm oil derivative-free, allergen-free, and nut-free – the list goes on!

Climate Smart Certified

We’re proud to be Climate Smart Certified! Working with Radicle, we’ve set a goal to minimize carbon emissions by focusing on strategies aimed at heating, transportation, and waste in our facilities. Our mission is to continue making informed environmental decisions and implement innovative sustainable solutions to create a positive impact on the environment.