Highly recommend the Doidy Cup to anyone looking to transition their baby to a cup.

Cups are best for babies’ teeth.

Doidy Cup (Assorted colours)

Jolly-colored patented “slanded cup” is a light, handy and safe (BPA-free, made in the UK in line with EU norms). DOIDY is fantastic for watering both infants, small babies, toddlers and adults.


  • suitable from 3 months;
  • with Mum’s help the cup can be used from birth;
  • unique slant of the cup enables children to drink easily as they can see the contents without thrusting their heads forward and downwards;
  • teaches children to put the cups down properly;
  • easy to hold;
  • dishwasher (top shelf) save;
  • volume 192 ml / 6 1/2fl.oz;
  • designed and made in UK, European Union;
  • food-safe, PCV free and BPA free (0% Bisphenol A). Doidy Cup confirms to EN14350;
  • perfect for water, milk, juice, tea and cream soup;
  • UNICEF Baby Friendly.