Ideal Omega Gives You the Highest EPA

Ideal Omega is the Golden Standard in Fish Oil.

If you know your Omega-3 well enough, you will probably know that the amount of EPA in a single capsule makes all the difference! Each Ideal Omega capsule contains  700mg EPA and 200mg DHA – the important active ingredients that maintain your heart, blood and brain. This translates into more than 50% effective ingredients than the normal street brand.


  • 700mg of EPA, 200mg of DHA and 20mg of DPA in each fish gelatin capsule
  • Abides to the optimum ratio of 4:1 for EPA:DHA
  • Made in Canada
  • Cold-pressed at source
  • Started by a cardiologist
  • Molecularly distilled to pharmaceutical standards
  • Independently analysed for purity by an FDA approved laboratory
  • Exceeds all US and European standards for PCBs and heavy metals
  • Subtle lemon flavour – no fishy aftertaste
  • Capsule does not contain Bovine or Porcine Gelatin
  • Specially formulated for high dosage use
  • Currently being used in University research trials
  • Significantly improve the Omega Blood Count
  • MSC certified as from sustainable fish stocks
  • Superior quality, purity and concentration of active ingredients.
  • Screened for the presence of a wide range of substances prohibited by WADA at an (ISO 17025) accredited sports testing laboratory

Ideal Omega-3 is definitely the best Omega-3 supplement available!

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